Friday, November 18, 2005

catching up

I'm twiddling around with a few things here and there on the blog. I'll also be posting some stuff with photos from the summer that I meant to do ages ago. When the whole cancer/Houston thing blew up in my face, I just couldn't deal with it.

Feeling better now. Scar looks good. Went back to yoga classes this week, but still too chicken to swim -- maybe tomorrow. I feel an odd sort of fatigue these days, but I'm not getting as much sleep as I had been (no more naps, sigh.) I'm also getting used to my lower dose of thyroid meds. I had become accustomed to being literally hyper (as in hyperthyroid) all the time, and now I'm having trouble distinguishing between being not-hyper and being fatigued.

Physical therapy is thorough, exhausting, and time-consuming at 3x/week, but necessary. Daily exercises are going well even if I feel very oppressed sometimes because I have to do them, and will probably have to basically forever. Same goes for taking what feels like a jillion meds every day.

I feel a little silly now about how freaked out I was before the trip to Houston, and the surgery. Everything has turned out so well that it would seem like there was no reason for all my turmoil. I don't deal with uncertainty very well, especially when it's uncertainty about my health. I'm sure no one blames me for being a bit freaked out then, but I hope that if I'm ever in a situation like that again, I won't let myself get (or stay) so upset. Whatever it is, we'll deal with it.

In the meantime, I've racked up close to $2K in bills at MDA according to our benefit statements from the insurance company; it will be interesting to see what the final tally is... and I'm perversely hoping we can pay the bill in this tax year because next year I'm not planning on having nearly so many medical expenses! (So there!)

In other news: DS1 swam in his first swim meet last weekend. He missed his first race because, frankly, it was very confusing and no one was there to help him find his way. He did well in the other race, though, especially considering it was his first meet ever. We were over at Mona Plummer Aquatic Center at ASU and there were literally hundreds of people milling around. And this was a small event. We have another one in 4 weeks. Whee!

What else? DH, DD, and DS2 are all doing fine as usual. Already the kids are planning what to pack for our trip to Disney! They crack me up. Other than that, gearing up for the big holidays, of course. Expect lots of cooking and shopping related posts as a result.

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nina said...

It's nice for the reader to watch the progression -- from anxiety to frustration to normal (or near normal) days. It's deeply satisfying to know you are where you are right now.

I'm looking forward to your food posts!