Thursday, July 07, 2005

ok, ok

I'm still alive, just really busy.

Yesterday the contractors came and put in the new door. It's great. In the afternoon we went shoppng and for an ice cream snack and we got rained on.

Today we drove up to Boston and went to the Aquarium and to Legal Seafoods for lunch, then went to my sister's house and hung out for a while. We brought my niece back to the Cape, she was invited to an event this weekend and so caught a ride with us.

Now we are all exhausted. It's FREEZING here. Well, it's 20 degrees above freezing -- seriously, it's 52 degrees outside. It's 110 in AZ. We have half the temps here DH is having at home. Brrrrrrr. Today we all wore long sleeves and long pants and our sneakers, and wore our sweatshirts when we went out and no one was hot. I can't believe this is July. I grew up here and I guess I am just in denial, but I don't remember it being this cold in early July. Late August, sure. Early July? No way. This is ridiculous.

At least this year I am prepared. Last year I froze and this year it's even colder -- but HA! I say to the weather, this year I was ready for you. (Actually, what I say to the weather is, "What is this? Can't you do better than this? Can we please get over this late Spring-type weather crap? Please?" So far, it hasn't done any good, but I'll keep trying.)