Sunday, July 03, 2005

happy birthday, USA

Today will be another family day, lots of kids running and tons of food.

The past few days have been packed even though the only specific events were driving to and from CT to my in-laws house. My brother-in-law and his family were in from OH, and if I didn't take my kids over, there's no knowing when we would next get so easy a chance to see them. We spent Friday there, the kids played in the paddling pool and on the slip-n-slide, Papa made his typical huge feast, and we let the kids stay up too late watching junky TV. They loved it.

Hit the road early yesterday and still ran into bridge traffic about 4 miles out, but all in all it was a fine trip, got back to Mom's by 11. The older kids went off with their uncles quahoging and clamming, but DS2 needed some mommy time and stayed home with me. Speaking of Mommy time, Mom came home from her European trip on Friday, too, so yesterday afternoon was a nice time for the two of us to catch up while everyone else was gone.

The contractor that was supposed to come and put my mom's new door in on Friday never called and never showed. Grrrr, but hey -- that's what contractors do, at least in my experience. I'll give him a call on Tuesday and see when he can get his crew over here. I don't want to spend all summer arguing with that door.

PA bro brought a big box of sparkly-type fireworks and we had an absolute blast last night with them, lighting hundreds of sparklers for the kids and then setting off the bigger showy things (I have no idea what to call them). It was awesome! And then we sang "happy birthday to you" to America, and hustled the kids back inside into their pajamas. By the time everyone decompressed enough to go to sleep it was after 11, and I just crawled in there with them.

DH would faint: for the second day in a row, I've been up and about by 6:30. A.M. Even I'm stunned. I'm probably going to need a nap to deal with today's upcoming family invasion -- just about everyone will be here. Of the siblings, only one sister will not be here because she's away at tax school (I think, something like that), and of the grandchildren, a few have to work or can't make it because of other commitments -- we'll be missing 3 or 4 out of 15. Both great-grandkids will be here. I think the total is something like 33. Yikes. I've tried to prepare my kids but there's no knowing how it will go. Fortunately the weather is fantastic, dry and clear, and likely to stay this way for a few days at least.

I'm very happy they are all still asleep, but I'm wondering how long it will last. Another hour or two would be great...

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Teafram said...

And I had to get Duke Dogge Dog out of the spare bathroom bathtub becauser all the fire works scared him silly. Ever try to coax a 80 pound blind dog out of a tub with the neighborhood sounding like Khe Sanh in '68?

~~ harrumph ~~