Wednesday, July 13, 2005

the great nothing

Lileks goes on and on (and on and on, as is his way) today about paying attention to the small perfect moments that somehow add up to happiness without our ever even noticing them.

Since he went to the trouble to write all that, I won't have to. These days are slow and easy, the weather is gorgeous, the kids only get on each other's cases a few times a day, and there's always ice cream. Mostly I just stay out of the way and let the days unfold. It's not like we have important appointments to get to, or deadlines to meet. The next hard target date is August 3 when we go home, and that's a long time from now.

Boston today, and a trip to Kimball's, most likely a late night. We're visiting, today, not sight-seeing, so I will not be watching the time as I would otherwise -- there is never enough time to spend with these people, so I will steal what hours I can, even if it means keeping the kids out way too late. They're young, they can take it, and we can all sleep in tomorrow.

Here, have a s'more:

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