Sunday, July 17, 2005


A short list of items I do not care to see amidst the sand and surf:

orange peels
chunks of apples
pistachio nut shells
halves of limes, no doubt once squeezed into an adult beverage

And last but certainly not least, half-rotted long-stem roses, which were probably tossed overboard in some misguided romantic gesture. Note to the dramatic: if you're going to throw flowers overboard, make sure you are well off-shore when you do it.

I don't care if all of these things are "natural" or will eventually get eaten by gulls or crabs. I don't want to swim with any of it, and I don't want to sit next to any of it in the sand, either. Just because it's all biodegradable doesn't mean it's not still trash.

1 comment:

Sheik Yerbootie said...

You don't throw the orange peels, you don't feed the crabs. You don't feed the crabs, the crabs dies off. The crabs die off, I don't have any bait for black fishing.

Go back to Arizona you,