Monday, July 04, 2005


to bed and early to rise leaves the blog to suffer.

And so it goes. The kids have been staying up way too late, and so I consequently go to bed with them or just shortly after, and I find myself up well before 8AM or even 7AM lately. The dry weather is helping some but still everything hurts, including my face (damn salivaries!), and I've misplaced my Motrin and the Aleve is basically useless but I think I'll take some tonight anyway.

Saw everyone yesterday, took a million pictures, had a good day, am completely exhausted. 3x that for the kids, they're wiped out. High points of today: a walk around the neighborhood, visiting DQ for dessert along with the entire rest of the town of Falmouth after dinner.

I got a banana split and ate (nearly) the entire thing. Where the heck is that appetite coming from? There's no scale in this house but my clothes still fit so I guess I'm doing all right.

Low point of today was realizing my handbag, with wallet etc, was still under the front seat of my sister's car, which is now in Boston. I hopped down to the beach yesterday afternoon in her car to photograph the kids who were all buried up to their neks, and got some great pics. Then I ferried a bunch of them home, and in the bustle completely forgot about the bag, which I had stuffed under the front seat. I have rarely felt so idiotic in my life. I'll get it late tomorrow through the combined generosity of my siblings, and in the meantime Mom has cashed a check for me. It's not really as dire as it could be, I just feel stupid about it. I'm sure I'll recover, though.

Tomorrow's plan is to visit Plymouth Rock, Mayflower II, and Plymouth Plantation. Hopefully later in the week the contractor will show up to do the door. Meanwhile back in AZ, DH has painted the downstairs bathroom and replaced the mirror, and today he went out and got us a new dishwasher. He's busy! It will be weird going home to such differences, but we'll get used to them quickly, I'm sure. This summer certainly demonstrates how life is just a constant struggle against decay and entropy, at least as far as home maintenance goes.


Sheik Yerbootie said...

7 AM is early?

7 AM and I've slept in for two hours. :>)

ChaiTime said...

I had to laugh at the entropy comment. I think I'm fighting that in every area of my life!