Friday, October 03, 2008


Well, it has been longer than I intended between posts, but I got busy.

I've been subbing for the most unruly pre-kindergarten class in all of recorded history, so there's that. After imposing all sorts of order on the classroom, things got a bit better, but the mix of personalities and capabilities among those children makes it exceptionally difficult. One third very young, one third mature for their age and very, very smart and capable, and one third willing to argue with you about anything and everything. (There is some overlap between the arguing group and the other two.) The big problem, of course, is that the immature ones see all the attention that the arguers get and decide that that's the way to go. Man, they're smart little manipulators, but it's exhausting! Anyway, I'm done in there as far as I know, although I will probably never forget any of those kids as long as they are coming to our school.

In other news: normal PAP smear (yay!), but have to get one suspicious mole removed, since it popped up in a place which literally never gets sun exposure -- new freckles (caused by sun damage) are OK with me, new moles are not. Even though the dermatologist was on the fence about just keeping an eye on it, I said no, just take it off. That's scheduled for just after break ends. Mammogram scheduled for second week of the break, it will be nice to get that over with.

Haven't done much work on my own school, but now that we're on break I want to get through the next few lessons (and maybe even the midterm) before we have to go back. The teacher takes an incredibly long time (like, a whole week) to grade, though! Yeesh. I'm used to faster turn-around; I suspect I'm just spoiled.

Work has taken a lot out of me these past couple weeks, and this week was especially crazy with RE on Monday, a ThyCa meeting on Tuesday, and teaching circuit on Wednesday -- by Thursday I was exhausted. I was very happy to survive the week.

Mom's sick and it is most likely pretty serious, but I don't know for sure -- hope to find out when I make some calls tomorrow. I hate being so far away at times like this.

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Robin said...

Hi Joan,
I've been a reader of your blog for months. I was recently diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer myself, so your blog was very nice to read. Do you have anyway for me to subscribe to your blog via my RSS feed? I would love to be able to get reminders of your blog updates!