Monday, October 27, 2008

told ya

Yesterday was better. Today was OK, too.

Yesterday I made myself go and work out, and came home right after. Usually there is shopping to do but it didn't work out that way this weekend, and that was good, because I decided to buckle down, study, and take the stupid test. So I did, and even finished in time so we could all go to Mass together as usual. (It was lovely, especially nice music selections, and we were asked to bring the gifts up to the altar. In that past when that's happened, it has been panic-inducing, but everyone did just fine.)

Today I didn't bestir myself outside at all, but that's just because I was busy. Pancakes for the kids for breakfast, then helping DS1 with his science project and his book report, all while processing five loads of laundry (I really shouldn't let it go all week). It works so much easier for him (and thus, all of us), if he dictates while I type. He knows everything he should, he just has an extremely tough time expressing it; that's where his Asperger's is most apparent. Still, he's in good shape for this week, and should be OK as long as he doesn't get too much math homework.

This will be a busy week, Thyca meeting weeks always seem extra crazy, then we have Halloween on Friday, and DD's birthday following closely -- and we still have not settled her party plans. DH has nixed the idea of a kitten completely; three cats is too many, he says (I disagree), and it would be difficult to keep the kitten's food away from the other cats (I do agree with this). Besides, the cats we have are completely adorable already.

DD has therefore reverted back to guinea pigs. I think I will have to negotiate a deal with her beforehand: if she doesn't keep the cage clean, they're going back to the shelter. OTOH, she was complaining about being bored today, and when I told her to clean her room, she didn't. There is no place to put a guinea pig cage in there! How serious can she be if she won't even make an effort to put some stuff away so that she could actually set up the cage? I'm thinking laziness is going to win out over the "want my own pet" impulse after all.

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