Tuesday, July 03, 2007

thoroughly confused

Great, very busy weekend in Phoenix, then up at the crack of dawn yesterday, two uneventful flights landing me back in Hartford.

Got up this morning, packed up all our stuff and headed back to the Cape, and now here at Mom's once again.

I'm coming down with something (excruciating ear aches during that final descent, yesterday), my throat is sore and I'm just out of it. Where am I again? What time zone am I in? I keep adding and subtracting three hours to figure out what time my body thinks it is, but then I give up. I was on East Coast time when I left last Thursday and never really went off it -- how could I, over just three days? But now that I'm on the East Coast again I'm thinking things like, "Well, it's only 8:30 so no wonder I don't feel like going to bed."

I just hope this doesn't last too long, I'll keel over.

Plus: continuing a disturbing trend, I seem to have lost my entire (small) jewelry pouch, which held all my favorite earrings: the blue glass beads from the Virgin Islands, the Russian enamels, the fresh water pearl drops, and my new peridot studs. I don't think I packed it to take with me last weekend, but I can't find it anywhere, here. It wasn't in any of the bags (either the ones we took with us, or the ones we left here), and I asked DH if I had left it at home, and he couldn't find it there, either. Possibilities: it's here somewhere; it's at home somewhere, because I did take it home and left it there; it was stolen out of my suitcase en route. Things don't just disappear, right? Am I daft enough to have packed it? Yes, because I thought no one would be low enough to take it -- it's so small, and the monetary value of the contents is nil -- they were just pretty things I happened to like, the most expensive pair cost less than $50.

They are only things, and unimportant things by anyone's reckoning, but their loss is upsetting to me -- mostly because I can't remember what the heck I did with them, and I'm not willing to concede that they might have been stolen. I do hope they'll turn up. (Why does it always have to be earrings?)

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