Sunday, July 29, 2007

home again

We're home, after a long day of stuttering travel -- nothing after the initial takeoff went to plan, and instead of getting home at about 11:30AM we ended up here must closer to 2PM. It really wasn't much of delay -- when I see it written out like that -- but it was all rather excruciating. Radar down in Cincinnati, flight crews diverted, problems getting the luggage out, and nothing really decent to eat, either.

Still, we're all unpacked and put away, and I went and did errands with DD and finally got my copy of the latest, last Harry, and I suppose I'll get to read it eventually, now.

This week I've scads of appointments and after eating junk food all day must start on the low iodine diet (LID) immediately, because I have a scan a week from Monday. Whee! Labs tomorrow, then u/s, injections, all that yada-yada later in the week.

Wish my throat felt less lumpy, but I'm deeply, overwhelmingly contented, just to be home.

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Michelle said...

Great vacation for you! Found you when I was googling for RAI side effects, since I'm also diagnosed with thyca, spread to lymph nodes in the neck. Can you point me to some good info on salivary gland damage? My endo doesn't believe it's from the RAI!