Tuesday, July 24, 2007

blur, v 2.0

Since I last posted... too much to recount, and in all honesty I'll have to check the credit card statement to remember what we did, exactly. Here are the high points:

- DH arrived, yay!
- went to the beach lots more times
- went candlepin bowling one rainy afternoon
- got huge lobsters for dinner
- had fantastic, long visits with my two best friends in MA
- went to the Barnstable County Fair
- relocated to the in-laws in CT
- had a fabulous overnight in Mystic with DH at the same delightful b&b we stayed at a couple of years ago
- took the kids back to Mystic to visit Mystic Seaport, "the museum of America and the Sea"

I've done a lot of eating, a fair bit of walking around, and way too much indulging in everything. Can't believe we're heading back home on Sunday, back to reality. What happened to the summer?

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