Thursday, July 12, 2007

that's better

My brother and his family left just after 8 this morning, and about 10 minutes later, DD announced she was bored. Typical.

It was a working morning -- laundry and yard work -- and a relaxing/beach afternoon. Part of this morning's work was periodically reminding DS2 that he owed me an apology and not letting him do anything until I got it. I can be so stubborn sometimes.

He finally capitulated just after noon, most likely because his older brother reminded him that his Dad is coming in a few days, and Dad would most certainly not put up with this nonsense. In the space of about five seconds we were as right as rain, and the rest of the day was very pleasant. Let's hear it for peer pressure!

It's nice to be here with just us, and Mom. I had forgotten how peaceful it is. With five (or more) kids in the house, peace has been in short supply.



nina said...

Yes, but these stories of family gatherings are as precious as anything. Even if they aren't exactly peaceful.
I, for one, look forward to your annual trips back north (east). It's like a novel that has all these twists and turns and then, at the end of the day, settles into the familiar pattern of family and summer days of blueberries and lobsters (maybe you don't actually have either blueberries or lobsters, but I do so love the images of what it's like to have a place to return to again and again, out on the NE shore).

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