Wednesday, December 06, 2006


DD came down with a fever last night after RE, and slept through dinner.

Today she was fairly miserable in the morning, slept, and felt well enough this afternoon that she was hoping to go back to school tomorrow. After her late nap, though, her fever spiked to 103, so school is definitely out tomorrow, and most likely Thursday as well.

I, of course, am home with her. All day. I hadn't planned on spending all day at home today. In fact, I cancelled errands on Monday to have lunch with DH, expecting to do them today. The only place I went today was to pick up the boys at school and drop DS1 at the Y for swim practice. We were out of the house for the grand total of 42 minutes, coincidentally the exact length of the High School Musical soundtrack, our road music du jour.

Tomorrow, I've got PT in the morning and my girlfriend M will come by and stay with DD while I'm gone. I hope to get a few errands in after PT if it doesn't run too late.

I hope most of all that DD's just got a little virus and gets over the hump tomorrow, poor thing. I want it for my own sake as much as for hers. I have too much stuff to do to hang around home all day. If I'm going to be in for the rest of the week, you might as well shoot me now.

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