Wednesday, December 06, 2006


My substitute teaching certification, along with my plastic FBI fingerprint card, arrived in the mail today... one day after I scheduled myself for physical therapy, three times a week, over the next 5 weeks. (Skipping Christmas week)

I suppose it's for the best. I don't know how many times this has happened to me, but I appear to have a permanent mental block when it comes to admitting that I need physical therapy. I think I'm doing fine, and I'm certainly managing everything, but I get in for a consult because the doctor is really, really nagging me to go, and then I find out that I'm not doing fine.

Things are way more screwed up than I thought they were. So, PT for the next five weeks, absent Christmas, all upper body/shoulders/head/neck/jaw stuff. Whee! A lot of this is necessitated by my neck dissection surgery, but some of my problems may go all the way back to that car accident I was in when I was a kid and my head broke the windshield. Hmmm.

Sadly, the PT will not be working on my hip issues at all, even though she was appalled at how unstable my hip joints are. I am, too, but apparently not appalled enough to actually do the exercises that will help the muscles stabilize them. The problem is when I do the exercises it increases the pain substantially. If I knew that was temporary and that the exercises would ultimately pay off, I'd stick with them. I'll ask the therapist about it and see what she says.

In the meantime, she has me massaging my rock-hard jaw muscles for 3-5 minutes on each side, once a day. It's remarkable how the smallest muscle seizing up can cause so much trouble.

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