Thursday, December 07, 2006

damn you, Jonah Goldberg*

Jonah has a long-running tradition of posting "time wasters" over in NRO's The Corner. From time to time, I'll click through and enjoy some mindless diversion. Never before this one -- Atari Nirvana -- was I ever compelled to go back more than once or twice.

It's the Tetris, you see.
It's even on cell phones now!

I had a serious Tetris problem back in the early '90s when work slowed to a crawl, pending contract renewals and what-not. We were literally told not to work; I asked my boss, "So, what, I'm supposed to play Tetris all day?" He said, "That's all right with me." So I did.

Admittedly, you can find other, much better versions of Tetris, and some of them are probably even free, too. But I didn't go looking for them because I didn't need the temptation. Now I'll get to see how good my self-discipline really is.

(*) by which, of course, I really mean, "Thanks, Jonah!"

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