Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The WBS was clean. The ultrasound noted a small node on my left thyroid bed that was not previously present but which favored benign, and should be followed by u/s.

My Thyroglobulin (Tg), with my TSH all the way up to 54 via Thyrogen injections, bumped from 0.4 up to 5.7.

Dr. W is very pleased with these results and is happy with me coming back in a year for follow up. It is true that I still have some cancer cells somewhere, but the likelihood of finding them is very, very small. If the cancer were aggressive, it would be making a much bigger show than this.

So imagine me doing the Snoopy dance... I'm seeing Dr. C, the surgeon, tomorrow morning. Dr. W will defer to Dr. C, if he wants me to come back for follow up sooner, but the bottom line is, right now, I don't need any treatment. I can go home tomorrow as planned.

Cue heavenly choirs: Hallelujah!


nina said...

Fantastic! That is just great news! Now go celebrate.

Donald Douglas said...

That is good news! Take care of yourself!

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GM Roper said...

Joan, I've been tied up, rode hard and put up wet. I remembered your comment on my post on winning the battle and went there to find it to get to your blog. I'm so delighted, I'm ecstatic that your scan was clean. I had my first P.E.T. scan yesterday and I'm hoping nothing out of the ordinary "floresces" on the scan.

God bless you (and the hub and the cats as well-my two felines are jealous of yours, LOL).

I'm delighted at the news.