Friday, August 25, 2006

and it only took 7 hours

I'm in Houston.

Packing was a trip, since I brought food, a lot of food. I put fragile, squishy things into boxes and then packed the boxes into one of the big cooler bags I use for groceries, which fit nicely in the suitcase. The only thing that leaked were the bottles of oil and vinegar I packed, but even those didn't make too much of a mess since I presciently put them into a ziploc bag. (I would've been insane not to.)

Everything survived the trip, even the no-salt tortilla chips. I expected them to be crumbs by now, but a remarkable number appear to have survived intact. When I open the bag they will all crumble to dust, I'm sure, a side-effect of being de-pressurized in the luggage hold. We'll see.

I can not adequately express how much I do not want to be here. But I'm here, so let's get this over with, right? Tomorrow I get my first injection. Whee!

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