Thursday, August 03, 2006

we're all all right

The blur continues.

The trip home was uneventful except for the mistakes we made regarding our expectations of the T. F. Green Airport experience, which I am embarassed to admit are the same mistakes we made last year, namely: 1) it's nigh impossible to find a gas station if you get off the highway at any exit before the exit for the airport itself and 2) the food offered once you've passed through security is limited in selection and extremely pricey. Next year, we'll remember where the close gas station is, and we'll pack a lunch.

Today was a whirl of activity, mostly because I discovered that I had not registered DS2 for kindergarden. I'd just signed him up in what was essentially a wishlist, not realizing that I had to formalize the process by completing a huge stack of paperwork. Or maybe I did the paperwork and then I lost it, or the school lost it, or something ate it -- but the school did not have it, and so did not assign him to a teacher.

Panic ensued, more or less.

But I got the packet today and completed it, and the enrollment director (God bless her, she was so kind to me), told me there had been a cancellation so DS2 is in. Yay!

DS1 had two doctor's appointments today, one with the ENT for a follow-up on his surgery, and one at the orthodontist for impressions for his retainer. He did very well at both. In between, we hit the Post Office (picked up all our held mail), Target (school clothes), Sam's Club, and Trader Joe's. It took me about a half-hour just to put away all the groceries... and three times as long, I think, to sort through all the mail and open the envelopes and then file it.

Laundry awaits, still. We did most of the unpacking on Wednesday, but my clean clothes are still in my suitcase, and my vanity/sink area is a disaster. I'll get to it eventually.

Tomorrow: shopping for school supplies (the list is quite scary), a trip to Borders, and "meet your teachers" in the evening. Pizza for dinner, with cheesecake for dessert.

Odd? Maybe, but when you make your own birthday cake, you get to choose what you want. I choose to load up on seafood (look for anchovies on that pizza) and dairy for the next week or so, because after that it's the LID again. That diet seems expressly designed to torment me, as I love everything from the sea, and often live on eggs, cheese, and yogurt in various forms. I'm sorely tempted to try making coconut milk yogurt this time.

The kids seem unaffected by jet lag, except for waking up at ungodly early hours. My internal clock is completely fried, apparently, since I'm exhausted from the moment I wake up until, say, now, when I could easily pitch forward and sleep on the keyboard. But I won't. I'll go take the cheesecake out of the oven, and then take myself to bed.

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