Tuesday, March 28, 2006

under the gun, again...

What happened again today?

Got up feeling much better, practically normal.
Took DS2 to school, came home, made the crust for the savory ricotta pie that will be featured in April's column at LCL.

Went to pick up DS2. Came home, finished the pie. Made DS2 lunch. Kicked around on the web for way too long. Ate some of the pie for lunch. (mmmmm) Took a shower -- ah, so nice to be able to stand upright long enough to wash my hair! (I didn't have to double over in pain even once today.)

Went to pick up DS1 at school. Came home, and finally satisfied with the pie, started banging out my column. I am grateful I had done all the nutrition calculations much earlier in the month. Stopped writing to go pick up DD from her dance class. Came home and finished writing the column, then took some photos to send with it to the magazine. Not my best food shots, but good enough to give the idea of the thing.

Made dinner, but didn't get to eat with the family -- just had another quick slice of pie and then out the door with my "thyca buddy", JT, who lives just three miles away. It was nice to have someone to share the ride with. JT laughs easily and we have very similar lives (husbands in the same field and her 2 kids are the same ages as my oldest and youngest) and we have identical senses of humor. In short, she's great, and it was fun driving up with her.

ThyCa meeting was awesome, as usual: Gail is so knowledgeable, and we have a great core group that looks after each other. We got to applaud both guys who were there tonight, because both had recently had clean scans and bloodwork. It will be so nice to be there!

Came home, watched House with DH, and now on the computer... overall, a good busy day.

Tomorrow: DH's birthday, shopping's a must! I must find out if he would like another cheesecake...
Pie for lunch, pie for dinner...

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Joan said...

In case anyone's wondering, I'm having problems with my FTP server, and can't post updates. How annoying!

I'll be back as soon as this gets straightened out.