Tuesday, March 07, 2006

all clear

I saw my dermatologist today for the "full body exam," an intensely weird, thankfully brief, experience in which the doctor looks over every inch of my body for suspicious moles. Melanoma is a scary, sneaky bastard, so I have to go for one of these exams every six months. This time, like the last time, there were no trouble spots identified. YAY! (That does not even begin to cover the relief I'm feeling over not having to have more biopsies.)

Yesterday, I got an email from my endo's nurse in Houston, with the news that my thyroglobulin (Tg, the thyroid cancer tumor marker) was once again undetectable. This was good news again, even though it's not as meaningful as it could be, since my suppressed Tg has been quite low even in the presence of substantial amounts of cancer. It's certainly better than having the Tg go up! Now if only it will stay undetectable in the fall, when they test it under Thyrogen stimulation, I can be in remission for real. In the meantime, I'll be keeping an eye on the lumps in my neck, and hoping they'll go away.

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