Friday, March 17, 2006

a measure of greatness

This week has been filled with many small moments, and a lot of time spent in the kitchen. So far I've made pancakes, bacon (two different mornings), oatmeal M&M cookies, and blueberry muffins (and coffee, specifically for DD). I mention these only because they are in addition to all the "regular" cooking I've done: the toast, scrambled eggs, tuna sandwiches, pasta, grilled cheese, myriad snacks, roast chicken, salads (and salads and salads) and casseroles.

I spoke with a girlfriend this afternoon, she's having a similar spring break with her two boys. We are both somewhat exhausted but not frazzled, enjoying the break from school and the time with the kids. Neither one of us has done anything extraordinary or exciting. We're just managing the days.

In light of how many difficult days I've had, and knowing that the likelihood of more in the future is mostly certain, it's a great thing, having such a normal life.


Sheik Yerbootie said...

Ever hear of self prophecy?

Get ahold of yourself girl - there's a lot of life to live.


You know, instead of yoga and swimming, why don't you take up bull riding? :>)

Happy Saint Patrick's Day.

Tracey said...

Yes Yes Yes! When my life turned upside down because of illness for a few years, I longed for the normalcy of getting up in the morning and having a "regular" day of cooking, baking, cleaning and hugging the kids. Ahhh. These days are totally underrated. I'm glad you had a normal day! :D