Thursday, July 15, 2004

whirlwind, or tilt-a-whirl?

DH came in on Tuesday, tihngs have been non-stop since then, it seems...
Kids are doing great.  Weather has been pretty lousy, until this afternoon when the clouds and drizzle finally blew out.  We're hoping for beach weather tomorrow, please please please?
We've been eating, driving, playing... took the kids to Battleship Cove today, that was cool.  A good thing to do on a not-beach day.  We're heading to CT on Saturday morning.  I think I will cry if it's beach weather.  Seriously.
Other things... the air mattress sprung a leak! Fortunately there are others... kids love DS1's new card game, Hisss! (DF recommends Set for when they are a little older...)  Even though the weather has been pretty dreadful, the kids are wonderful, really getting along well.  They haven't even been too much glued to the TV, which is amazing.  They poke around outside in all the nature, or play with their animal friends from home, or draw pictures, or play games... they really are extraordinary.

We're seeing some major attitude problems with DD lately, and I'm trying to get through them without going negative on her.  She needs a ton of patience and lots of hugs & kisses to get out of these goofy little funks of hers.  This evening we drew some pictures together.  She liked that a lot.  I was surprised, but I don't know exactly why.  I had a lot of fun just sitting and making a picture with markers, I don't remember the last time I did that -- used to all the time, when I was a kid/teen-ager.  Hmmmm.
It's not so bad (quite wonderful, really) having DH here.  I have to try and remember not to make negative assumptions about what he's going to do/think/say -- because he isn't negative.  I don't know exactly why I should be doing that anyway.  I think there is some pre-emptive resentment of the fact that I'm not in complete control anymore?  Hee!  Anyway, he's great, and the kids are so happy to have him here.  And I am sleeping so much better!
Speaking of which, off to bed... I wonder if this mattress will deflate under me tonight? Always another adventure...

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