Friday, July 16, 2004

unexpected beach

The weather cleared out yesterday afternoon, so I was hopeful we'd be able to go to the beach today.  Success!
The kids were up around 6:30AM.  How cruel.  Especially since they didn't get to bed very early, either. 
At any rate, we went out for lunch to Seafood Sam's (not as good as Sandy's, but good) and then to Chappaquoit, where it was very very windy and the waves were huge.  DS1 had a blast jumping in the waves again, and DD joined him periodically.  I was afraid she would get washed out to sea, she's such a little thing.  I was right out there with them for most of the time, even though it was pretty chilly... there was quite a strong push to the waves and they kept moving down the beach, so I kept an eye on where we were and made sure we didn't go to far away from where DH was sitting with DS2.  Poor little guy.  He was very sleep and didn't like the wind at all, and the waves were much too rough for him.
We let them get a treat from the ice cream truck again, and again DS2 picks a superhero thing that melted all over him... fortunately I remembered that Mom had some paper towels in her trunk so that made it a little easier to deal with. Still, he was covered with goo.  When they finished their snacks we loaded them up to go check out Wood Neck, hoping it would be less windy and so we could relax and they would perhaps nap on the beach (DS2, at least -- ) all 3 of them fell asleep in the car.  So I took a very leisurely route home and let them nap, and then we hung out all afternoon (DH did early baths).  DS1 watched The Two Towers, and it was great to see all the extra scenes, although I really wasn't able to pay it sufficient attention.  DD and DS2 kept busy playing games and drawing with their new markers (I love them!)... it was a really nice day.
Tomorrow: get up, have breakfast, pack, drive to CT.  Who knows what we'll be doing while we're there, DH says the forecast is not that great. Oh well... at least we got in one more really nice beach day.  My hands are so tan, it's weird.  But I like it.  Hee!
Thank God the sun came out today because I was beginning to doubt I would ever be warm again... no such problems today.

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