Thursday, July 08, 2004

doctors, prescriptions, screaming


Took DS2 to the urgent care center this morning. As predicted, his right ear is still infected. The dr prescribed another round of Omnicef ($60), this time at the higher dose. Apparently DS2 is right on the cusp of needing the higher dose, last time he did the lower dose...

We were actually there for only about 45 minutes which is extraordinary for a walk-in clinic, but DD didn't seem to think so. She was an imp after about the first 10 minutes: lying on the floor, flopping about, complaining about everything. Her uncle had given her a pretty little toe ring he had found on the beach, and she threw it at me, saying she didn't want it anymore... "I don't want anything!" I retrieved it. When I was trying to pay, she ran out and I had to send DS1 after her to keep her from going into the parking lot. Then when it was time to go (30 seconds later), she refused... I ended up taking the boys to the car, then I had to come back in and carry her out. It was ridiculous. Sometimes she has to make everything about HER, and at times like those, I could just as well leave her there. (*gasp*! child abandonment!)

Not that I'd ever do it, but sometimes she makes it seem like an attractive alternative.

DS1's Motrin stopped working about 11:30, as we were in the dr's office, and then we had to go get the Rx... there was a long line at the local CVS. After about 10 minutes (which is a really long time if you are carrying a 30+ pound 3 year old), we get to the head of the line only to find out that they are out of Omnicef. They call down to the downtown branch, and they have it... so back in the car, back through the traffic to downtown. The downtown branch has a drive-thru! Yay.

Drop off the scrip, then take the kids through the drive-thru at BK which was just around the corner, but the backway, and so avoided the traffic... after enduring the line at BK, we got back to the pharmacy and picked up the Rx. Nothing like dropping $100 in an hour, huh? Eeesh.

I ended up running out again at 8:45 tonight to pick up some Tylenol for DS2 because the Motrin just isn't getting his fever down. It's weird how sometimes the Motrin works better and sometimes the Tylenol does. I got him the Tylenol at 9 and by 9:30 he was practically chipper. Of course then I hustled him into bed. I'm hoping with the 2 doses of Omnicef and the Tylenol he'll sleep better tonight...

Had a screaming match with DH today. He called me early to say that the pharmacy called and said he had to pick up my prescription by Saturday. I thought that was weird but realized that it must've been the minocycline. So later, he called to say he got it but it cost $64 because it was too soon to be getting a refill and have it be covered by our prescription drug plan. I asked him why he did that -- I'm sure I was snippy if not downright bitchy -- but he ended up going completely berserk and screamed at me about doing all sorts of errands for me (which is complete bullshit) and he did it because I asked him to, blah blah blah.

Well: yes, I asked him to get my prescription, but not to drop $64 on it unnecessarily. He could've waited and called BC/BS and seen if there was something to be done, right? Turns out when I called BC/BS they said they would reimburse us the difference , we just have to send them the info and explain that we are traveling out of state. I emailed DH this info and he replied quite snippily that he had already made 2 trips to my PT because when he brought them their check he forgot to bring the statement of benefits...

You know what? I don't care! It's not like he has a whole heckuva lot to do there. The only thing he's responsible for besides himself is the CAT and she can be problematic but honestly? She's not that big a deal. He knows I'm dealing with all 3 kids here and trying to keep them sane while DS2 is sick and does he cut me ANY slack today? No, he jumps all over me. I know I shouldn't have been bitchy but seriously, I admitted I was wrong and apologized and he still acted like a complete jerk.

Now I'm really looking forward to his arrival Tuesday... NOT. It's nice being here without him, because we can do what we want to do instead of having to do what he wants. Generally he is much more reluctant to actually DO anything with the kids, at least he is at home, which sucks. So I am trying to get in as much as possible before he gets here, which is tough because now DS2 is sick and we don't have that many more days left.

Saturday we are going up to Sudbury to visit P&C and their kids, just for the day. I have to call other friends too and see when we can get together... it seemed like I had so much time, but I don't, really, between family visits and the trip last weekend to CT and now DS2 down for a few days, it's impossible. There's never enough time. Of course we will have 2 more weeks once DH gets here, but I'm not counting on being able to do anything I want to during those 2 weeks.

Wow, that's an incredibly negative attitude, but I am really mad at him right now. I know that he's waiting for another apology/admission of guilt from me before he softens and apologizes himself, but I'm just not in the mood. I know this was my choice to travel with the kids on my own, and so I am dealing with it, but you know, it wouldn't kill him to acknowledge that he is getting TWO vacations: one on his own, and then the one with us. Sure, he has to work now, but he also doesn't have anything or anyone else to deal with while he's there.

He seems to be having a fun enough time buying himself a new cell phone and surround sound system... man we have run through a lot of money lately. Sheesh.

Now I'm online so he can't call on the landline. Heh. I really am being bad but I'm allowed from time to time. I think the kids are doing really well (notwithstanding DS2's illness) and they are having a good time, too. I don't regret being here, and I refuse to accept being screamed at.

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