Saturday, August 25, 2012

spanner in the works

My laptop somehow forgot how to access the internet in the time between 11:30PM last night and 10AM this morning.  I've spent the majority of the last 4 hours trying various things to get it to work, including Microsoft automated fixes and manual registry editing.  So far, no go.*sigh*

The laptop is antique, by laptop standards -- checking the blog here, I bought it March 1, 2008.   Four years, 6 months is nothing to sneeze at.  I've replaced the battery a couple of times, and the power cable died as well, but overall, it has been a solid little machine and I like it.  It works for me, and I have everything on there that I need, and nothing that I don't. 

Honestly, I'm hoping if I leave it turned off for a while, when I boot it up again it will decide to work.  I'm not expecting it, but it sure would be nice.  There's no point in sending it for diagnosis and repair, that would cost more than the thing is worth. 

So I maybe getting a new laptop soon.  I really can't function without one.

Meanwhile, I have about 5lbs worth of papers to grade, lesson planning, and all sorts of other school-related work I need to clear this weekend.  The grading I can do on any computer with a web browser, but the rest of the stuff I need to do on my laptop, and fortunately not much of that requires network access.  I'll be bouncing between computers until this issue is resolved one way or another.

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