Sunday, September 02, 2012

...and it's back!

Even after buying a new Toshiba laptop last Saturday, I still kept trying to get the old laptop back online.  I limited my efforts to one-thing-per-day, and multi-tasked while I was at it.  I was very motivated to get the old machine back up because having to port my iTunes library and re-install Rosetta Stone -- just those two things alone -- were looking to take an entire day that I didn't have.

So Thursday, I finally tried un-installing the virus protection software I had installed, and of course that was it.  (rolls eyes, throws hands up in air, sighs exhaustedly)

A short list of the things I discovered through web searches, that I tried unsuccessfully:

- Apparently, this is a problem that Vista-running machines have had going back to 2009.  Microsoft knows about it, and has a "fix" that addresses it, that resets the DHCP flag.  Didn't work for me.

- Updating the Wifi adapter's drivers did nothing except delete all my saved network access keys.  Fortunately, the only one I didn't have available (for work) the tech guys at school put back on there in about 3 minutes.

- Disabling the wifi adapter, rebooting, re-enabling the adapter did nothing.

- Editing the registry to reset those DHCP, IP-getting, etc  flags didn't help either.

- Command-line stuff to reset the winsock didn't help, but the suggestion in that forum's long, long chain of comments that it had to be the security software finally penetrated.

- The only way to successfully uninstall the virus software is to boot in safe mode so it doesn't get loaded into memory on startup.

I'll back-fill this with links, etc later, but just now I've got to go retrieve one of the offspring from a sleepover.

¡Estoy contenta, mi equipo esta trabajando de nuevo!

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