Thursday, February 16, 2012

status quo

Finally spoke to the doctor today. The results were good, in that they didn't find any evidence of thyroid cancer in the samples they took. However, as always, the pathologist did that CYA routine where he noted that the conclusion is only valid for the materials that were extracted and that we can't be sure there isn't something going on in all the stuff that was left behind. To be really really sure there's nothing going on, you have to do a surgical excision.

The ENT thinks that's overkill, and I agree, but given my rising tumor marker (Tg), we are leaving it up to my endocrinologist to make the call as to what tests to do next.

So I still don't know what's going on, but I'm so used to it by now it doesn't make a difference.

I stayed late after school today so I could go with the high school science club to the open house at Microchip, part of the Arizona SciTech Festival. It was a great event, and the kids had a fantastic time seeing all of the cool technology and how it's applied.

It was a wonderful tonic for me, too, as I have been struggling so much with my students. So many of them just don't want to be there or put in any effort at all that it is disheartening. It was a joy to be around students this evening who were engaged and interesting and polite and fun to be with.

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nina said...

So happy to read this post! At so many levels.