Thursday, February 23, 2012


After three rounds of telephone tag, my endocrinologist's nurse/manager finally called me at a time when I could answer my phone. (The messages we were leaving for each other would have been hilarious if they had not been so frustrating.) The conversation was brief; the nurse manager is refreshingly direct. It's all well and good that the biopsy came back negative, but given that my tumor marker is increasing, the endo wants me to have a PET scan.

That is quite a reasonable course of action, and it aligns perfectly with the ATA guidelines for this situation.

I've never had a PET scan, but it doesn't sound much different from other scans I've had. I tend to doze off during whole body scans, since they are silent and take about 45 minutes. I'm quite happy to hear that this scan will not involve the horrible banging and clicking and buzzing of an MRI.

Scheduling this will be interesting. DS1 will be having two different oral surgeries in the next month or so, plus we've got two more debate tournaments, DS2's field hockey tournament, and spring break coming up as well.

DS1's surgery and the State tournament make extended travel that week impossible, but I'd love to get away for just a day or two. I just have to figure out how to do that.

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