Wednesday, February 29, 2012


We did some shopping over the weekend.

Young Chang Y-131 52" upright, aka "a real piano"

Sounds phenomenal, and plays like a concert grand. It's to be delivered Friday, and we are all very excited for its arrival. The old Reed Music Co. console has been dead for a while, and I just didn't want to admit it. I only realized how bad it was when I started practicing a new piece, and now I feel rather bad about having the kids play on such a wretched piano for so long.

Still, I'm feeling beset from all sides. There are no new catastrophes to deal with, and I'm matter-of-fact about my follow up tests, now. I just don't like how any happy news only "sticks" for a moment or two and then I'm right back down in the pit. I'm not sure what's going to get me out, although a clean PET/CT scan would probably do it.

Retail therapy is usually a lot more effective.

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nina said...

I agree with it all -- the point about a bad instrument, about good news sticking only until the next not so good piece comes around and finally and perhaps most importantly -- abut how you get used to it all, even as you hope for the best possible outcome. That good outcome only buys a reprieve, but a reprieve in life is a wonderful thing.

Best of luck -- on all fronts!