Sunday, February 05, 2012

next step

I'm scheduled for a biopsy on Wednesday.

I've said it before and I hope I never have to say it again, but a day that includes the decision to jab needles in my neck is not a good day. There is no way around that.

My ENT assured me, several times, that even though I have a recurrence, it won't kill me. Of course he didn't use those words, since he has both tact and charm, but that's what he meant. Me, I can be as blunt as I want in my blog.


Papercollector said...

love u Bits...your in my thoughts and prayers! never give in to it

nina said...

And you know, of course, that for some of us, this game with the biopsies and removals and then biopsies again is to be our game. I'm glad that odds are good odds even as (and you've said this so often before) the word "good" seems so totally wrong when you're facing this stuff and you know that really none of this is really good.

So, we know all that. Still, it sucks.

So best of luck and may this be a lighter load. Just because you need a break already!