Tuesday, May 25, 2010

nothing ventured --

Trying the Relpax today. For the last 3 days the headache has wobbled at around a 2-3 on the 10-point pain scale, but today it ratcheted up -- I may have found my trigger: stress -- suffice it to say, extended family worries, pending exams, and a bit of fussing with the kids this morning are not a good combination, so at 9AM I took my first pill. Now, an hour and a half later, it does feel somewhat better, although not all gone.

I can take one more at 11AM, and probably will. I feel just a little like I'm wrapped in cotton wool, sort of muffled, but not sleepy or dizzy or nauseated or any of the other horrid side effects listed.

So far.

I question the wisdom of taking a final while experimenting with the new medication, but at this point I don't really feel as if I have much choice.

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