Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a list

* Relpax helped yesterday, but I suspect getting more than 5 hours of sleep helped more, today.

* Brain mri: not a bad experience at all. The longest pass was only 5 minutes, which is quite tolerable. Plus, there was a constant gentle flow of cool air through the machine so I didn't feel enclosed at all. If it weren't for the ticking, humming, and thumping, it would've been restful. About 30 minutes before the contrast, 3 passes afterward, about 45 minutes total. Results next Wednesday.

* First meeting today was very productive, planning a thyroid cancer panel at the Cancer Center at Chandler Regional Medical Center, Thursday, Sept 9, from 6-8pm.

* Got a 98% on the final I took yesterday, must wrap up my other class... kids last day is tomorrow, they will be done before I will, but I should be able to finish everything up on/before Friday.

* The checkout clerk at the grocery store called me "Miss".... something about the tank top + sundress I was wearing, or maybe she just wasn't paying attention? Or maybe she knows women my age get a kick out of it...

* Aren't cherries supposed to be good for arthritis? I'm eating way too many... they are irresistible.

Tomorrow, much to do, again -- another appointment, DS1's Golden Scholar presentation, last-day-of-school lunch at Joe's Farm Grill, trying to nail down that schoolwork...

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