Wednesday, May 14, 2008

to do list

Things to get done before we leave for vacation -- and this is just the stuff for school:

Learning and the Brain
Lesson 3, which requires me to read an entire (albeit short) book, and view a DVD which I do not yet have, and the accompanying assignment
Lesson 3 quiz, which goes through the (short) book in exquisite detail; it's longer than the midterm I took last night.
Lesson 4, reading from the text book & accompanying assignment
Midterm, due 5/17 - yes, that's this Saturday.

Educational Psychology
Each lesson requires that I read a chapter of the physically-impossible-to-manage text book. Books that big need to be either spiral bound or hard bound, the soft binding makes them completely unwieldy.
Lesson 3 - integrating various education theorists' ideas into a classroom setting
Lesson 4 - e-literacy module; find an article, summarize, tell how I'd use the info
Lesson 5 - God bless us, multiculturism. How will I incorporate multi-culti into a high school science class? Mainly by not being an idiotic, prejudiced jerk. I continue to be appalled at the people who are profiled in the small case studies who admit things like "I thought all Asians looked alike." I still can't believe a teacher said that, and not a teacher 50 years ago, a teacher in the late 1990s.
Midterm, due 5/24.

If I can get the Learning & the Brain DVD in hand by Thursday, and if my instructor grades the lesson I handed in on Sunday, I could do Lessons 3 and 4 on Thursday and Friday and then take the midterm on time on Saturday, but those are very big "ifs."

Then, having cleared the decks of L&tB, I can focus on the EdPsych, knocking out lessons 3, 4, and 5 over the course of the week, so I can take the exam on Saturday the 24th.

However, neither my L&tB nor my EdPsych instructor are noted for their fast turn-around on grading assignments, and I'm only supposed to turn in 2 at time, then wait for them to be graded. I think the thing to do is get the next assignment in for both courses (if I could just get that video...) so as soon as an assignment comes out of the queue, I can submit the next one. These next couple of weeks are going to be rough.

Anyway, I aced my midterm in Classroom Management, so that's a comfort. Which remends me of more things to do:

-- complete my practicum paperwork
-- find somewhere to take my final exams while I'm away (I'm thinking CCCC should work, just have to contact them.)

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