Monday, May 12, 2008


A productive day always helps.

By way of procrastinating on school work, I got all sorts of house stuff done today. And then after dinner, I buckled down and turned in an assignment in each of my three classes. I was slightly mortified when I got an email from one of my instructors asking me to please not submit a slew of assignments before the midterm. I replied with an apologetic and explanatory note: I've been swamped.

Besides, the rules say you can only submit two assignments at a time, and then you have to wait until they're graded before you can hand in any more. Anyway, I expect to take every single one of my midterms late; I don't think I could possibly hand in all the assignments I need to do before their due dates (5/17 and 5/24, respectively - my first one is already overdue, having been scheduled for 5/3).

If my brain is functioning tomorrow, I'll take my first midterm tomorrow evening. Here's hoping... and I'm off!

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