Wednesday, May 21, 2008

going, going...

Time, that is.

I'm studying for my Learning & the Brain mid-term; I'll probably take it tomorrow or Thursday.

I think my own brain is going to explode.

The heat here is oppressive, like mid-July, 105+ degrees, humidity on top of it all... it makes me want to run away. At least we're doing some inside recesses so I don't have to spend all that much time out in it, and outside PE has been likewise cancelled on account of the heat. Every little bit helps.

After this midterm, lesson 3, 4, and 5 in EdPsych, but I've caught up on my study guide through lesson 3, so it won't be as bad as this has been, since I hadn't done my study guide since lesson 1, and now I'm playing catch-up. These classes are eminently fair, in that they tell you exactly what you need to know in those study guides -- well, they give you the questions, you have to find the answers, but if you do, you'll do well on the tests. The only tricky part of this Learning & the Brain course is the brain physiology and trying to keep straight which part of the brain has what function, especially since there is so much overlap. I'll manage somehow.

Oh, and I have to complete my practicum paperwork before school ends, or I'll really be screwed up! Plus the usual packing and obtaining of difficult items before leaving in TWO WEEKS!

It may, in fact, be time to panic.

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