Monday, September 11, 2006

what am I doing?

That business about time flying, having fun, etc? I don't think it's true. Time flies, faster and faster, the older you get, whether or not you're having fun.

Anyway, since we brought the kittens home, my time has been consumed with a million things. I've volunteered to help out at the kids' R/E on Monday nights, and I've agreed to chair the next thyca support meeting since our facilitator will be out of town. And I've been helping out at school, too: DS2's teacher is out for a couple of weeks, and the sub can use all the help she can get. Add in the usual groceries, laundry, and housekeeping -- not to mention time spent socializing the kittens -- and there you have it.

It's not that nothing "bloggable" has happend, it's that too much has happened, and so I let it go without writing about it. But we're getting into the school-year groove, so eventually I should find a regular time to write.

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