Friday, September 15, 2006

a glimpse of greatness?

Ah, the cruel excitement of possibility...

Via an item on AICN (I won't bother linking to the actual item, it was incoherent) comes a link to the trailer for Eragon (audio at link), due out at Christmas.

I've read the books, and they were OK, not great, but not horrible either. That said, the potential for cinematic glory is huge here. From the trailer, the look of this thing is spot-on, and it appears that John Malkovich will make the evil of Galbatorix more palpable throughout the film -- in the books, his influence comes and goes. In the visual medium, you can convey the sense of constant oppression more easily, I think. (Prose tends to bog down when you have to keep reminding the reader just how horrible the times are.)

I'll remain positive about this, and will in fact go see it even if it gets mediocre reviews. I just want it to work for the sheer joy of it. For now, even the potential it's showing is enough to give this day a boost.

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