Monday, September 11, 2006

kittens: four state machines

How do kittens spend their days?

Occasionally, they play, with each other, or with a human:
About 2% of the time

Another favorite activity is lounging:
Surprisingly, they often lounge together

This chair provides an excellent vantage point from which to keep an eye on the computer... and me.

Then, there's cuddling.
Alice likes to snuggle face-to-face.

Yes, two kittens fit in one lap.

Cooper stakes out some Mom real estate, too.

Mostly, they sleep... a lot. I'd estimate about 80% of the time, no joke.
Alice likes the tangle of wires behind the computer.

Cooper favors the crow's nest of the kitty condo by the window.

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nina said...

You should be paid by the ASPCA. I'm THIS close to loving cats. Or maybe you just picked well. Worth the drive!