Saturday, February 18, 2006

warp speed day

Got up at 7 to take DS2 to his swim lesson. I spaced out on the 202 and missed my exit, so we were a few minutes late. Then we stayed afterwards to practice more, so we didn't get home until practically 10.

Then I wrote up my column on the low carb Sacher Torte, which turned into a 2,000 word monster. It's a complicated recipe so I broke down the instructions and made them very detailed. I can't believe I went through that entire process twice last week. We are still enjoying the leftovers.

After lunch: nap! Seriously, I needed one.

Then we all went to Mass. Afterwards, we dropped Mom and the kids off at home and went out the Rattlers' game.

Arena football is fun: goofy, kitschy, sometimes bizarre, yes, but fun. The games move quickly and sometimes the unexpected happens, like a perfect onside kick. The Rattlers won their first game of the season tonight, and it's always nice to watch a winning game. We grabbed barely edible food from the food court before the game, and at half time shared an enormous cookie while we sipped lattes that were mostly milk, but that's OK. I was freezing the entire time, which was a great reason for DH to keep his arm around me.

Now I'm home again, catching up on everything, and ready to go to bed.

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Sheik Yerbootie said...

Arena football sucks.

Hockey with a football.