Saturday, February 11, 2006


We'll be busy on Monday, so I'm having the kids write out their school valentines today.

Here is DS2 writing his name on his "friendship day" cards (his school doesn't celebrate V-day as such [here we could use a universally acknowledged symbol for eyes rolling]). Note the pencil:
First two letters...

Last two letters.

Results: very nice!

The first few cards he actually switched the pencil between every letter, but eventually he went to switching only once. Indications are that he is left-handed at least for writing and drawing, but he hasn't really settled on which hand he'll learn to write with yet. Part of me wants him to be left-handed because I am, but I really don't care. Unlike his older brother, DS2 has exceptional fine motor skills with both hands, so whichever he chooses (assuming he does choose), he's unlikely to have any problems with it. The card above is one of the better examples, but his writing now is comparable to DD's, and she's halfway through first grade. It's a typical case of motivation versus indifference.

DS2 is happy he did the cards all himself. I'm just happy they are done, and well aware that by next year, his endearing hand-switching routine will be long gone.

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Tracey said...

Aren't they just too cute at this age? Love it. Spongebob, he's universal. LOL