Monday, February 20, 2006

the purge 2006, vol. 1

Company's coming tomorrow, and we've spent the last few days getting the house in order. Not that the company would care in the least, but we do...

I did an enormous sweep of the family room and gathered up all the toys that don't belong down here, and brought them upstairs. Then I went through all the toys upstairs and threw out a lot and set aside even more to be sent off to younger cousins or the schools that will get more use out of them.

In the end we have a slightly neater downstairs and a much neater upstairs and none of it seems to make a bit of difference at the end of the day. Except if we don't do this from time to time, we'll be inundated by all of the stuff that seems to constantly flow into the house.

I'm pushing back against the tide. Even though I took the kids over to Build-A-Bear Workshop today to use up gift cards they received, for once we got rid of more than we acquired.

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