Saturday, December 10, 2005

turned the corner

I believe that DS2 is finally now officially over the active phase of his illness. His fever quit on Tuesday, but up until this afternoon, he still had a look about him that showed he wasn't really well. His eyes looked sick. Yesterday he fell asleep on the way home from Borders (about 5PM) and slept until 8PM, when he ate a grilled cheese sandwich, put on his pjs, and went to bed. I'd say it was the extra sleep that got him over the hump, but he was lethargic, miserable, and over-sensitive all morning, and the sick eyes persisted.

DH gave him some ibuprofen in the early afternoon, and by 4PM DS2 was running around like his little normal self -- his eyes finally lost their "sick" look, and his whole vibe was different. He still looked and acted fine when the medicine wore off, so I'm praying that he wakes up tomorrow in the same improved condition.

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