Friday, December 30, 2005

not strep.

DS2 is miserable again; his tonsils are so swollen he can barely swallow, poor little guy. We had thought that he was suffering from a relapse of strep throat, but no; the pediatrician thinks it's mono. Great!

Of course my throat is still bothering me, and as soon as my Aleve wears off I feel like collapsing in a heap... is it psychological? Do I have it, too? Why is it that I could traipse around Disneyland for 3 out of the past 5 days, if I have mono? It doesn't sound logical or possible, but I am a determined person (as in: Damned if I'm driving all the way to California just to be sick!), and Aleve really does work. The difference in DS2 when on ibuprofen and when it has worn off is remarkable: normal versus sick.

If I have mono, it won't change anything anyway. When it's a virus, you just have to wait for yourself to get better. I hope DS2 can shake this off quickly now that we're home, but "fast recovery" and "mono" are rarely seen together. The best we can do is keep him comfortable. We won't find out the results of his blood test until Tuesday.

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