Sunday, December 18, 2005

thick as a brick

Really don't mind if you sit this one out...
Time for a bloodtest! Yay. I've been feeling both dense and disconnected lately. Stuff gets done, but I have a constant sense of running behind. It's true that there is a lot of "extra" stuff that needs to be done because of Christmas, and I am actually in good shape there. It just doesn't feel as if I am. I'm falling back into that familiar mode where everything, everything feels like a struggle.

I think a slight uptick in my thyroid meds would be very helpful.

* * *
Regarding the title of this post, it's the name of art/prog rock album by Jethro Tull. I listened to it on Friday in the car, on the trips to and from Borders with the kids. It's one huge extended poem/diatribe, that makes vague political/environmental comments but also expresses the normal frustrations that anyone can feel about the pressures that we are all exposed to by our parents and our society. Lyrically, it's pretty much dreck. It's interesting to read now that the band intended it all as a send-up of the self-importance of progressive rock. When I was a teenager, I thought the lyrics were brilliant. (heh)

I still love it, in spite of the ridiculous lyrics. I love the music, especially the intro, and the progressive changes it moves through. As for those bombastic lyrics? They're not all crap -- even if they do all come off as contrived now -- who hasn't felt like this?
And your new shoes are worn at the heel
and your suntan does rapidly peel
and your wisemen don't know how it feels
to be thick as a brick.

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nina said...

I think something happens at this time of the year that makes us feel like we are behind in everything, even when we are not. Maybe it's that everyone is rushing here. No one is pausing, taking extra time, no one is sleeping late, taking naps. It's why I like to be away for the first weeks of December -- they're very disconcerting for a person who likes to have time each day to do...nothing.