Sunday, August 14, 2005

that river in Egypt

Now that I'm home, I'm catching up with my friends here, and I keep running smack into Denial. All kinds of hurts and angers and the injustices of Life, but none of it is ever their responsibility.

I've come across it so frequently it's making me wonder if I'm deluding myself about my own life's traumas and dramas -- but then I realize I don't have any. *whew*

And since I don't want any, I'm treading very lightly around all this stuff. Best to just keep out of it, right? But there are one or two situations that have been brewing for a long time, and anyone can see that they are just not going to end well, and shouldn't I try to help?

The most helpful thing I can do is pray.


Sheik Yerbootie said...

Sort of related to this. My wife told me the other day which of her teachers were going to be in crisis mode the minute she stepped into the building. She was dead on.

It would appear that there are people who can't live unless they are in a state of crisis.

Papercollector said...

Emotions and the ability to think, and share, and by course, work these thoughts and feelings out is human... no matter what river or tributary of that river is taken. Jo, others dont always share their angers, frustrations, etc.... obviously if they are sharing them, then they trust you to be a friend.

some people work better under stress, what might appear to be a crisis to one, might in fact be the m.o. of the another --- that doesnt make it easy on the recipents