Wednesday, August 10, 2005


DS1 and DD survived their first day of school!

Not that I had any doubts they would. They were both quite enthusiastic about it this morning:

My own feelings were a lot more ambiguous. DS2 and I hung out in pj's on our computers most of the day. I am in a funk but eventually it will lift, there are a lot of reasons for it but mostly it is just carving out a new groove back here in AZ. I find myself on autopilot way too often, lost not in daydreams but nothingness, so when I miss a turn or go completely the wrong way, or otherwise "come to" and realize I have no idea how I spent the preceding quarter hour, I don't even have the excuse of a distracting train of thought.

Apparently all the trains have left the station, I suppose they'll be back eventually.

Oh, I do need to note with amazement: DS1 (8-and-a-half) put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder this afternoon. By himself. Without me asking him to do it. I tried not to make too big a deal of this, because I don't want him thinking it's all that amazing. But really? Yeah, it is, especially considering the number of adults I know who apparently have yet to master this tiny, but important, life skill.


Mamasita said...

Your kids started school already?! When does the school year end for them? My older son starts high school September 7th!

Sheik Yerbootie said...

Bunny ears and funny faces.

They look great.

Hey, you'll get over it soon - you've been back where you "belong" and it just takes a while to readjust.

Happens to be everytime I head out to Wisconsin - which is why I don't go out there all that often.

Glad you guys are back and ok.

Liz has school meetings tomorrow, then she's in conference mode for three days, then out to Wisconsin for five to pick up the new boat, then home to start school.

By the way, I see you've mastered the small jpeg deal - nice.

Take care lady, catch ya around.

nina said...

Okay -- of course you know you have to get used to these transitions when the kids either leave your days empty or, in the alternative, flood your minutes with their issues. I find that it is a constant see-saw, even when they are adults. Here, not here, sadness at their departure, getting used to their presence (and their daily struggles). back and forth. It never ends.