Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I had my dilated eye exam today. They put the drops in at about 10AM, I'd say. This photo was taken about 4 hours later.

It's interesting how the effects have worn off at a different rate for each eye. I note that my left eye is pretty much normal, and it's the eye that I work the hardest. During the exam today when I had my left eye covered, everything was blurry for a while but then came into focus just as sharply as with the left eye.

Neither the doctor nor the techs who do the simple exams have any concern about it. I wonder if I should do something to kind of even-up the abilities of the two eyes -- my left is definitely carrying more than its share of the vision workload, but no one ever seems to think it's a problem.

I have 20/13 vision in both eyes, and no pigmentation or spots were seen underneath. It is really nice to have one part of me that works better than average. Also: this is another no-makeup photo. You can see why I almost never wear mascara.

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Sheik Yerbootie said...

Mine do exactly the same thing only in reverse.