Sunday, July 08, 2018

travelling with boot

It's OK.

Before the trip, I mostly hung out at home and barely wore the boot at all.  What I'm finding now is that it's really exhausting to wear the thing for more than a few hours, but overall, it's OK. I think if I had to do a lot of walking, I'd get blisters, because no matter how tightly I wrap the velcro straps, my foot slips around a bit when I'm walking.  Fortunately I don't have to do a lot of walking!

I'm so grateful!  The flights were uneventful, but stumping through the airports wasn't much fun -- still, the toe itself doesn't hurt, and having the boot on ensures that nothing's going to make it worse. We got to CT, and headed to Mystic the next day, and even though there were some thunder showers, we managed.

I would prefer, of course, to wear normal sandals and not have to even think about it, but the reality is, it's OK.  One upside: extra suitcase room, since I didn't have to pack all the shoes I usually bring!

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nina said...

I love that last sentence! :)