Saturday, June 23, 2018

what to do when you can't do anything

* Sit on the couch with foot elevated.  Ice different parts of the foot/leg many times a day.  (Did you know you're not supposed to ice the injured area directly?  I was told to ice the top of the foot, and behind my knee, for the standard 20 minutes per hour, no ice directly touching the skin.)

* Watch all of The Crown.  (loved it).  Read all of Tom and Lorenzo's coverage of The Crown

* Watch all of Downton Abbey (loved it, but not as much as The Crown -- too many anachronistically happy endings for the 'liberated' female characters.) Read all of Tom and Lorenzo's coverage of Downton Abbey.

* Read the first four of Brandon Sanderson's six Mistborn books.  (So much fun!)

* Fail to keep hips aligned despite best efforts.  Deal with resulting piriformis syndrome as effectively as possible while not being able to stand for any length of time.

* Deal with at least 90 minutes of not-sleeping every night because of the impossibility of finding a comfortable way to lie down with the foot still elevated.  Grind teeth over the tinnitus that attacks during this, and only this, time: it is impossible to fall asleep when you're listening to your own pulse shush-shush-shushing.  It's just loud.

* Sleep ridiculously late because hey, there's no reason I should get up. Feel exhausted all the time, because doing nothing is exhausting.

* Watch all 6 episodes of Netflix documentary Wild Wild Country because DS1 had just started it when I finally wandered downstairs on his day off.  (Highly recommended; a totally bizarre little chapter in recent American history, and it left me uncomfortable that some First Amendment rights [among others] were trampled. It wasn't that black-and-white, although the successful poisoning of a small town's population prior to important vote was way beyond the pale.)

* Think about taking up knitting again.  Look at approximately 1000 knitting patterns without coming to any kind of decision one way or another.  I think I have some yarn somewhere I should use up...

* Recreational online shopping at all the usual haunts, since literally everyone is having huge summer sales.  Seriously, they're giving stuff away -- if you can't get a least 50% off, you're not even trying.  Look at approximately 2000 pieces of clothing, most hideous, all of it overpriced.   Don't buy anything.

* Eventually supervise offspring in restoring order to the house, laying out the new rugs and replacing furniture, etc. It looks lovely!

* Diet: intermittent fasting + very few carbs + limited alcohol = -12 lbs over the last few months.  Last school year I managed not to gain, unlike the previous four years.  There's something to be said about working for a place where you actually fit in, and where the workload is reasonable.  Truth be told, there's some crazy part of me that would like to take off another 10 pounds, but I'll be happy if I can just stay where I am now.  It's easy not to eat when all you do is sit around.  I don't get hungry, and I've been great with drinking all that water we're all supposed to drink.  I have, once again (or is it still?), the sense of recovering from a long illness. Perhaps this is why I'm not inclined to buy any new clothes, since all the old ones fit better now.

* Reframe:  This isn't wasted time just because I'm not using it the way I originally thought I would.

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