Saturday, June 02, 2018

truly summer

Started Thursday.  No grad school classes, no job search, just... time off.

So of course I'm bouncing around at loose ends, more or less, getting things done that I've been putting off, and enjoying sleeping a little bit later.  Somehow I'm still awake by 7:30 most mornings!  I know that's not early for a lot of people, but when you literally have no reason to get out of bed, it seems kind of silly.

So my job for the summer is feeding my family, and arranging (if not providing) transportation for all the offspring.  DS2 has a senior thesis summer camp the next two weeks, and DS1 is starting his first-ever job.  DD?  She has a job for the summer at one of the big box home improvement stores and is loving every minute.  She likes having something to do, and the income. 

Last week, I fixed the laser printer that we haven't been able to use for months and... not much else.   Well, I had work on Tuesday (I gave a presentation on the new science standards to my colleagues), and Wednesday (fantastic session on Theology of the Body).  So I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself for not accomplishing much. 

But I am dedicated to having very good food at home this summer, because eating out has become so very expensive, and, well, we can almost always do just as well if not better at home.  OK, not for sushi... DD and I went to the farmer's market today and came home with an intoxicating collection of fresh produce for this week's menu. 

I have medical appointments on Monday, but then after that, I'll get started on painting DS2's room (at least the taping).  Plus, scheduling the final flooring installation... those are the 2 big projects for the summer, but who knows what mischief I could get into, if I find myself at loose ends?

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